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"How to know what your baby needs, settle your baby every time and become the assured, confident mum you were meant to be - without the SLEEP STRESS and exhausted tears." 
Karina Lane is a postnatal & early parenting coach, and mum of four. She runs the Ready Set Parenthood workshop in Sydney and is on the educators team at Royal North Shore Hospital, where she facilitates early parenting workshops for expecting couples.  
Hey there lovely,

If you've got a baby due, or you've just had one, chances are, you're stressing out about SLEEP. 

I know - everyone told you there'd be sleepless nights and overnight feeds, but no one can ever really warn you about how darn hard sleep deprivation is, right? 

If you're thinking:

"My baby won't sleep without me and I'm so worried about bad habits!"

"I don't cope well without sleep, so I really need my baby to be a good sleeper!"

"My baby is unsettled and often stays awake for hours grizzling in my arms!"

"I feel like I haven't slept in days - is there something wrong with me and my baby??"

Then you would be like many, many other ladies. 

And who can blame you? 

Sleep deprivation is sheer torture, and can sap the joy from getting to know your gorgeous baby. 

Add to that all the conflicting information out there about how your baby SHOULD be sleeping...

And the PRESSURE to get your baby to fall asleep without help...

And sleep through the night as soon as possible...

(When babies are actually hardwired to need help with sleep and wake regularly for food)

Is it any wonder that new mums stress out about this whole sleep thing? 
It's NOT Your fault
The first thing to know about babies and sleep is that all that confusion and stress is NOT your fault. 

Having a baby that wakes regularly and is hard to get down for sleep is nothing to do with your parenting...

And it's not because your baby is difficult or has sleep issues

But if you're struggling with an unsettled baby...

And finding it hard to get the sleep thing right...

Then this letter is DEFINITELY going to help you.

How do I know for sure?

Well, for starters, I've been there myself.

None of my babies 'loved sleep', so I KNOW how emotional sleep deprivation can be.

But over the years, I've also learnt a lot about the hows and the whys of baby sleep

And I'm happy to tell you that it's NOT rocket science.

One thing that makes it all so hard is the conflicting information out there... 

One health professional tells you to let your newborn self-settle, while another says it's okay to feed your baby to sleep...

And then there's the insane pressure on new mums to get their baby to sleep through the night, right from the start.

As soon as you have a baby, it's all anyone can ask you:

"Is he a good sleeper?'

"Sleeping through the night yet?"

"How's sleep going? Have you tried..."

Gah!  Talk about pressure! 
The thing about newborn sleep is that you HAVE to understand what's going on in your baby's world...

Before you can hope for better sleep.

So many new mums and dads skip this bit and aim to get their baby self-settling...

Or on a feed and sleep routine...

In the hope that baby's sleep will improve (and everyone can get some more rest)

But this rarely works out.

Why? Because new babies aren't ready for routine.

Baby sleep books and sleep programs can be way out of line when it comes to newborn sleep. 

They skip over what your newborn needs emotionally, and treat your little one like some sort of robot.

They tell you to feed your baby at a certain time, and make sure baby gets X amount of sleep at every nap.

They warn you about Bad Habits and scare you into thinking you're making sleep worse...

Like you're breaking your baby or something!

If you ask me, new mums have ENOUGH going on without the fear-mongering and scare tactics. 
When you have a new baby, there's so much going on.

You're recovering from the birth, dealing with wild hormones, and trying to adjust to your new mighty role.

That's all pretty intense, lady.

But when you add sleep stress to the mix, things can get out of control.

Now you're dealing with broken sleep...

A baby that's hard to settle...

Pressure to get your baby sleeping through the night...

And wondering how to get your baby on a routine that gives you back some control..

Because with all this going on, it feels like it's out of control, right? 

That awful feeling of overwhelm, stress and exhaustion...

Wow, talk about sucking the joy out of motherhood. 

Who knew it would be this hard - and this emotional?!

I've got good news. 

I can help give you back your sanity. 

I can help you with this whole sleep mess so you feel like you understand your baby better and feel more in control. 

How great would that be?

To know your baby's world inside out...

Know how to settle and soothe your precious bub - with no-stress

Gain confidence in your mothering skills (you HAVE these, I help you discover them)..

And know what it takes to give your baby quality, long-lasting sleep...

Paving the way for healthy, gentle sleep habits....

That mean everyone in the house gets more sleep.

Including YOU!
Sleep doesn't have to be that hard
The truth is, getting your baby to sleep better doesn't have to be stressful and emotional...

There are easier ways to improve things...

Get your baby down for sleep easier...

Keep your baby happy and content...

And even catch up on some rest yourself.

Can you imagine life with your baby...MINUS the exhausted tears?  

None of the stress and frustration, and MORE of those magic moments with your gorgeous little one?

I can show you how to make that happen. 

My specialty is helping mums make life easier, and enjoying more magic with their babies.

See, I think we ladies have enough going on without throwing in all the unnecessary pressure to get our babies to sleep a certain way. 

I'm here to help YOU make time with your baby more enjoyable, less stressful....

And above all, more restful! 
Introducing Sleep Magic 
- the gentle, no-stress sleep program
  • No rigid feeding and sleeping routine that goes against your baby's needs
  • No cry-it-out or similar techniques that increase your baby's stress levels
  • No sleep training or restrictions on how you parent your baby
My brand new program, Sleep Magic will take the stress out of baby sleep and get you back to enjoying life with your bub.

Other sleep programs advise a rigid routine and encourage sleep techniques that your new baby simply isn't ready for. 

Newborns aren't biologically ready to master self-settling and they're not time-based - which means rigid feeding and sleeping routines are wasted on them (and likely to cause a LOT of untold stress for both of you). 

Sleep Magic is designed with mums AND babies in mind. 

You'll discover the loving, gentle approach to better sleep...

No harsh techniques that go against your baby's emotional needs...

Just simple, no-stress strategies for getting more rest and enjoying time with your baby.

Using my templates and checklists, you'll create your own Ultimate Sleep Magic Plan, tailored to your personal circumstances...

To keep you on track and focussed...

Right from the start.

Here's what's covered inside this step-by-step program:
  • ​ Step #1: Discover Your New Baby's World. Before you can hope for better   sleep, you need to understand what your baby needs from you. I'll show you how to respond confidently to your baby's cues and settle the fussiest of babies - who   will become much more likely to fall asleep with ease. 
  • ​Step #2: Get The Sleep Basics Right. Next, we'll look at the biology behind newborn sleep, and what night-waking is all about. We'll also cover those all important tired signs and how to know exactly when to get your baby to sleep (and why it can be such a disaster when you miss those cues!). 
  • ​Step #3: Bring On The Magic. Now that you've got the essentials sorted, it's time to overhaul your sleep situation with my M.A.G.I.C checklist. Use it to audit your baby's sleep scene and walk away with a clear set of strategies you can start using immediately. Ready for the magic?
  • ​ Step #4: Identify Common Sleep Struggles.  OK, so now that you understand your baby's world and what newborn sleep is all about, it's time to identify the common sleep struggles new parents go through, and why you're not alone. I'll also show you the most common sleep mistakes parents make, and why avoiding these can instantly improve sleep stress...
  • Step #5: Help Your Baby Sleep. We've got the basics covered: now it's time to get your little bub sleeping faster, easier and for longer. I'll walk you through the exact steps to take to get your baby to fall asleep, as well as how to set up healthy sleep habits that pave the way for ongoing sleep serenity. 
  •  Step #6: Stay On Top Of Your Sanity. Now that we've sorted baby's sleep, it's   over to you: it's time to get you back on track, with more sleep, more energy and   more happiness. I'll show you some sneaky ways to catch up on rest, as well as   all my tricks for taking care of yourself so that your mummy mojo stays on   track. 
  • Develop your own personalised Ultimate Sleep Magic Plan to keep you on track
  • ​Increase your confidence and happiness - and ditch the sleep stress and second-guessing
  • Deepen the bond with your baby and enjoy falling in love with each other
  • ​Understand your baby's sleep behaviour and work with it to create longer-lasting sleep
  • ​Enjoy longer stretches of good quality sleep overnight
  • ​Put your baby to bed each evening and enjoy time with your partner
I had a lot of curiosity around how to make the newborn mothering experience as smooth as possible. I often wondered if I was doing the right thing and giving my son the best possible start to life. 

Most of my frustration was around not knowing the best ways to settle him and also how to conserve my energy. I often felt exhausted and at a loss.

I liked Karina's warm and gentle energy. I also felt the advice and information she provided aligned with my parenting style which is more nurturing. I felt I had a friend who was providing me with much needed guidance at a time when I really needed it. It was comforting especially when we had been receiving so many different opinions and criticism for our parenting approach e.g. holding our son too much, not letting him sleep in his own cot, not letting him cry it out etc.

Karina gave me confidence that my parenting approach so far is giving my son the best start in life. I also felt like I had a like-minded friend who was supporting me through the challenging first few weeks of mothering a newborn."

Oanh, new mum
"Thank you, thank you, thank you Karina, for all your wise words, kind support and help in those early (and not so early) days. Being a new mum and trying to find help, support and suggestions that fit your parenting style is hard. You gave me all sorts of ideas and helped me tailor a strategy that suited my family and our parenting needs. We are eternally grateful xoxo."
Olivia, mum to Lucia
Sleep Magic is for any mum or mum-to-be wanting to skip the sleep stress that comes with bringing home baby.  

No need to waste time and tears pacing the floor with your unsettled baby, wondering what to do next. 

Discover the Sleep Magic way instead...

Here's a closer look at what's inside: 
Step #1: Discover Your New Baby's World
Better newborn sleep is all about understanding your little one's world. Once you get this, you'll know how to respond to their every need and know the exact tricks to use to encourage sleep.  I'll show you how to respond confidently to your baby's cues and settle the fussiest of babies - who will become much more likely to fall asleep with ease. 
  • Discover the truth about newborns. For some reason they don't tell you this when you leave hospital. But once you understand this, your baby's behaviour suddenly makes sense - and life will instantly get easier! 
  • What your baby REALLY needs from you.  It can be so hard to know what your baby is trying to tell you. I'll explain the easiest way to read your baby's cues and respond confidently. Enjoy more happy moments with your baby and all the magic that comes with getting to know your little one intimately. 
  •  Need more settling techniques? Soothing fussy babies is my specialty. Let me   show you my magic toolkit full of settling tricks, guaranteed to soothe the   noisiest of bubs. You meanwhile, become a true Settling Sorceress. 
  • Send your new mum confidence through the roof.  Struggling to tune into your mothering instincts? Second-guessing everything you do and wondering if you're even cut out for motherhood? Doubt no more, lady. I'll show you how to follow your baby's lead and the amazing impact this can have on your confidence.
  • Discover what's behind your baby's clingy behaviour. I'll explain why your baby refuses to be separated from you and how to survive those long days stuck on the couch. 
Step #2: Get The Sleep Basics Right
Now you've got a better understanding of what's going on for your little one, let's take a closer look at the biology behind newborn sleep.  Discover how newborns really sleep and how to make the best of a tough situation. 
  • Discover how to make the safe sleep guidelines work for you and your family.  Make sure all your safety basics are covered and where to get more information if you need it. 
  • Revealed: how newborns REALLY sleep and what you can realistically expect from your little one. Newborns sleep 16-18 hours a day, but what does that really look like? I'll show you. 
  • Night-waking secrets.  Why do baby's wake at night? I'll reveal what you need to know about your night-owl's behaviour and how you can help reset your baby's body clock. Baby's come out with their night and days mixed up. Let me walk you through some easy ways to fix it. 
  •  The all important tired signs. So many new parents don't know what to look   for, or misread their baby's tired cues for something else. But when sleep cues   are missed, you end up with an unsettled, desperately tired baby. I'll explain what  to look for, how to respond and my top-secret tip for getting baby's nap-time just right. 
  •  Knowledge is power. Once you understand how newborns sleep, how much of it they need, and when they need to go to bed, you'll feel more in control of your baby's sleep behaviour - and how to get more of it! 
Step #3: Identify Common Sleep Struggles
Your newborn's world? Check. Newborn sleep basics? Check. Now it's time to look a little closer at where so many new parents trip up in the sleep department. I'll reveal the most common sleep mistakes and how to avoid them. You'll discover you're not the only one struggling and some easy ways to keep sleep on track at your place. 
  • How society sets new mums up to fail. It's sad but true. Our society doesn't make life easy for new mums, especially when it comes to sleep. Discover a new, refreshing perspective on baby sleep, and why you can stop stressing now. 
  • Become a Sleep Advice ninja.  People can't help themselves when it comes to sleep. They'll give you advice and opinions whether you asked for them or not! I'll walk you through all the advice out there and show you hot to pick and choose what's right for you.
  • Shun the pressures. Motherhood can be such a noisy, overbearing place. I'll show you how to build up your sanity barrier and enjoy more sweet times with your baby. Minus the unsolicited advice and sleep pressure. 
  • Avoid the Sleep Deprivation Rut. Many parents try to tweak their baby's sleep, only to make things much worse! I'll reveal the mistakes to side-step, so you can skip the rut altogether. 
  •  Does my baby need a routine? While newborns aren't ready for a rigid routine, I'll show the clever way to introduce more structure in your life and pave the way for a relaxing, fun routine when your baby is ready. 
Step #4: Help Your Baby Sleep
With all the nitty-gritty covered, now it's time to get your little bub sleeping faster, easier and for longer. So, let's do this! I'll walk you through the exact steps to take to get your baby to fall asleep, as well as how to set up healthy sleep habits that pave the way for ongoing sleep serenity. Say goodbye to sleep stress now!
  • Help your baby love sleep. Feels like your baby hates the very idea of going to bed? I'll show the ultimate way to prepare your baby for sleep, so the two of you will be relaxed and chilled come nap-time. You'll wonder why you didn't think of this earlier. 
  • ​Forget bad sleep habits.  No more stressing about bad sleep habits that are creating a 'rod for your back'. I'll show you the good sleep associations that you can use to help your baby sleep, without worrying about them causing problems down the track. 
  • Revealed: the ultimate baby sleep formula. Want a step-by-step plan for getting your baby to fall asleep? I'll walk you through the whole thing, from the last feed to the watching your baby drift off to the land of slumber.  
  • The sleeping secret no one talks aboutParents around the world are enjoying long lasting sleep with their babies, but no one is talking about it. I'll reveal what you need to know about this sleep practice, what it means for you and baby and how to keep everyone safe and happy. 
  •  Paving the way for sleep serenity. With your newborn still adjusting to the world, this time is all about gentle sleep practices. But there's still plenty of room for encouraging healthy sleep habits, and I'll show you how to implement them. 
Step #5: Stay On Top Of Your Sanity
Okay, so now that got baby's sleep sorted, let's move onto you. It's time to get you back on track, with more sleep, more energy and more happiness. I'll show you some sneaky ways to catch up on rest, as well as all my tricks for taking care of yourself (when you're tired and busy) so that your mummy mojo stays on track. 
  • You're a machine, lady.  How to keep functioning when you're tired, even if you feel half alive. I'll show you all my tricks for enhancing your energy and enjoying day-to-day life with your baby. 
  • Deal with night-waking like a boss.  Getting up for your baby in the night can be an emotional business. I'll remind you of a few key things to keep you positive and chilled out - you may even start to enjoy this special quiet time with your bub!
  • Get more sleep. You might be losing sleep overnight but there are still ways to get some extra rest in and preserve your energy. I'll reveal my list of sneaky ways to catch up on sleep so the night wakings are just a blip on your sleep radar. 
  • Discover how to make self-care a priority. Even if you're tired and can't be bothered. Making yourself a priority is essential when you're a mum. I'll show some easy, no-stress ways you can factor in self-care without it being a hassle - and boost your inner wellbeing and happiness along the way.
  • ​​Sleep resources all mums need to know about. You'd be surprised at how many options there are to help you with your baby's sleep. I'll point you in the direction of all the services available so you know where to turn if you run into trouble down the track.
Sleep Magic is for you if:

- you have a baby due soon and want to skip the sleep stress

- your have a new baby (aged 0-3 months) and want to encourage healthy sleep habits

- you're sleep deprived and desperately need more sleep

- you struggle with settling your baby and want to know the easier way 

- you're finding sleep and settling harder than you thought
- you're not interested in harsh sleep techniques that encourage your baby to cry
Here's what you need to know...
You can access the Sleep Magic  today for just $47 (strictly limited time only). This special upgrade offer is ONLY available here.

Each step of the program comes with cheat sheets, templates and checklists to help you build on your knowledge.

These will form your Ultimate Sleep Magic Plan.

Once you purchase, you'll find Step #1 ready and waiting for you. 

You'll find your Ultimate Sleep Magic Plan in the first lesson, ready for you to download...

Fill in your answers as you work your way through the program, so it's easy to implement the strategies...

And get to better, longer-lasting sleep more quickly.
Go through it with your partner, and keep your plan nearby for when you need it.

And if you get stuck along the way?

I've got you covered...
Join the Club
When you join Sleep Magic, you’ll be invited to access my private, members-only Facebook group, Club Motherhood, where I answer your questions and share weekly content. 

Connect with other mums (and mums-to-be) who know exactly what you’re going through. Share your stories and seek support. This group isn't like the big, overbearing mums groups online. 

Club Motherhood is intimate and truly supportive, and we are all here for you and your baby.

Your real life mother's group isn't always accessible, but your virtual mother's group is ready for you, 24/7. 
  • Bonus: #1: Magic Every Day 30-Day Mini-program: Your daily oxygen dose from me, delivered to your inbox. Every day, you'll receive a refreshing and rejuvenating tip for staying happy and mindful, no matter how tired and emotional your days get. Let me help you keep the stress at bay and stay connected and in love with your new baby.
  • Bonus #2: One x 30 min Sleep Magic SOS call: Book in a private call with me, to talk through whatever's going on with your new baby's sleep (and any other baby challenges you're experiencing). This is your chance to ask questions, clarify the sleep advice you've been getting, and use me as a sounding board. Never underestimate the power of a good vent and chat with an impartial outsider - this call will restore your sanity, boost your confidence and get you back on track with motherhood. 
Created by a Sydney hospital parenting educator and facilitator of Ready Set Parenthood (private workshop)
    Information you can rely on...
    I am all about giving new mums-to-be sound, evidenced-based advice. 

    It's my job to help you sift through all the information out there to find out what will work for you best...

    And to help you REALLY make sense of it.

    As an early parenting educator at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney...

    I work alongside a team of Midwives, Child and Family Health nurses and other health professionals to ensure we provide the very latest information to expecting couples...

    Everything I share with you is backed up by research and based on the principles of gentle parenting.

    So you can truly enjoy your experience...

    Knowing that Sleep Magic has you and your newborn's best interests at heart.
    My 30-Day Magic Guarantee
    I’m super confident that Sleep Magic is going to help you overcome sleep-stress and enjoy plenty of motherhood magic, and I want YOU to feel super confident in your decision…

    So I’m offering you 100% security and protection…. in knowing your investment is going to help you enjoy motherhood with less stress.
    I call it the 30-Day Magic Guarantee.

    If you follow my guidance and don’t feel more relaxed, happy and confident in early motherhood? 

    Well, I’ll happily refund you in full. 

    Yep…I’ll give you your money back – giving you peace of mind that this is both a safe and smart decision. 
    I’m THAT convinced that I can help you remove sleep stress and enhance your motherhood experience. 

    Sound fair?
    You can get started right awayJust hit the button below to be taken to the order page. 

    Once everything is done, your program logins will arrive by email and you’ll be granted instant access to Step #1 of the program.
    Let the magic begin! I can’t wait to see you inside…
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Got A Question? No problem, here are the most common ones, answered. 

    Q. My baby is 8 weeks old already. Will Sleep Magic be able to help me?

    Sleep Magic (0-3) months is designed for babies up to 12 weeks, so yes, go for it! At 8 weeks old, many babies are super clingy and sleep can be extra tough, so the guidance from the program can definitely help you understand what's behind your baby's behaviour and how to get sleep back on track. Even better, it will help you pave the way for healthy sleep habits as your baby gets older.

    Q. Does your program use sleep training techniques like cry-it-out?

    No. Sleep Magic is NOT a sleep training program, as new babies are too young for techniques that attempt to drastically change their sleep. Sleep Magic offers a gentle, loving approach to sleep, based on the principles of gentle parenting and secure attachment. I will never encourage you to let your baby cry alone or teach your baby to self-settle. 

    Q. Will Sleep Magic help my baby sleep through the night?

    Because young babies are designed to wake in the night, this program doesn't attempt to change this biologically normal behaviour. However, once you understand newborn sleep, eliminate common sleep mistakes and implement strategies for healthy, long-lasting sleep, your baby will sleep better - as will you. 

    Q. My baby isn't here yet. Can I still buy the program?

    Absolutely! Equipping yourself with sleep knowledge will mean you're more prepared when baby arrives. You get lifetime access, so it will be here for you whenever baby is here, or whenever you want to refer back to it. 

    Q. Does Sleep Magic require my baby to be on a strict routine?

    Young babies aren't ready for rigid routines (which is where many other sleep programs and books get it wrong), as they aren't time based and need extra support and flexibility as they adjust to the world. I'll show you how to respond to your baby's needs and gently weave in some structure as your baby gets older, giving you a sense of control and adding some reliability around your day-to-day life. 
    Ready to jump in?

    If you're worried about sleep...

    Sick of stressing and second-guessing yourself...

    Want to strengthen your bond with your baby...

    Want to add more magic to your motherhood experience...

    Then click below and let's get started!
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