The 3 Proven Newborn Settling Secrets All The Top Baby Experts Recommend 
My 3 Proven Newborn Settling Secrets guide has helped countless women soothe their babies.  Learn these easy techniques for settling your newborn and save yourself hours of pacing the floor trying to stop your baby crying. 
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"This guide should be given to all mums when they leave the hospital. The techniques in this will save so many frustrated and overwhelming hours for mum and bubs!"

Eve John, Mum of 2, Qualified Breastfeeding Counsellor
In this free guide, I'll show you:
How to start catChing up on sleep now:
The proven fastest way to settle your baby so you can put sleep back on the map and finally get some more rest
Discover the biggest change in your routine that helps you and your baby AND you don’t actually have to ‘do’ anything!
how to stop your newborn's cries - quickly
The easy way to stop your newborn crying that will get your settling confidence soaring
The 'Dad + Bub’ method, guaranteed to sooth (and help them create a lifelong bond too) 
and more...
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Hi, I’m Karina Lane, founder of Mum Friday.

As a postnatal and early parenting coach, working in hospitals and with private clients, I've worked hundred of new mums and dads who are overwhelmed with parenting.   

While a lot of parenting manuals focus on baby care and development, my focus is on YOUR journey, by helping you adjust to your new role and enjoy life with your baby. 

I help mums and dads tune into their baby so they can respond to their needs more easily, and really get to know their new little person. This way, they build a closer relationship with their baby, spend less time feeling stressed and guilty, and enjoy the whole thing a lot more. 

I have been privileged enough to share my insights with leading publications such as Practical Parenting, Essential Baby and Babyology and have helped countless families enjoy their newborn with less stress.

Lots of parents-to-be are worried about soothing their crying baby. 'The 3 Proven Newborn Settling Secrets All Top Baby Experts Recommend' guide will help you settle your little one quickly and easily, using strategies that are based on research and known to soothe the fussiest of babies.

Without this guide, you’ll struggle with your newborn’s crying, spending hours trying techniques that don’t work for your baby – with your stress levels going through the roof.

With this guide, you’ll know exactly what to do when your newborn cries, and be able to respond with an effective settling technique that really works, leaving all of you relaxed – and with more time to enjoy your gorgeous baby.

After all, that’s why you started out on this journey, isn’t it? For the magic of it?


Karina xx
A powerful and proven method for soothing your newborn is only a click away...