--- expecting a baby soon (or got a brand new one)? ---
"How To Soothe Your Baby's Cries, Know Exactly What Baby Needs From You And Build An Amazing Bond With Your Little Person - Without The Overwhelm, Sleep Stress And Cracked Nipples..."
Karina Lane is a parenting educator and postnatal coach. She runs the Ready Set Parenthood workshop in Sydney and is on the educators team at Royal North Shore Hospital, where she facilitates early parenting workshops for expecting couples.  
Hey Wonder Woman,

I have a question for you...

Are you ready for motherhood?

I mean, REALLY ready?

As an early parenting educator and postnatal coach, I've helped hundreds of mums-to-be prepare for life with a baby. 

I know how daunting this time can be...

You can't wait to become a mum...

But you've got no idea how to look after a baby!

What if you can't do it? 

What if your baby cries and cries and you don't know what to do?

What if you can't read your baby's cues and end up completely overwhelmed?

If this is going through your mind, I know exactly how you feel. 

Every mum-to-be I meet at my workshops says the same thing to me. 

We're all nervous before baby arrives. 

Even the idea of holding a newborn baby is scary! 

You'll get used to holding your baby - I promise. 

The other stuff though?

Reading your baby's cues...

Understanding what baby needs from you...

Being able to soothe those tears...

That stuff isn't always so easy. 

And the thing is, if you go into motherhood without knowing all those things...

Hoping you'll just pick it up as you go...

In other words, WINGING IT...

You'll make things harder on yourself. 

And you'll waste precious time with your new baby feeling anxious and unsure...

When you could be spending time falling in love and bonding with your little one. 

I've met many, many new mums who were in this boat. 

They were prepared for labour and birth, but NOT for bringing home their newborn.   

I decided I had to do something to help more mums prepare for bringing home their baby...

So I've created a step-by-step program for helping mums prepare for, survive and REALLY enjoy the first few months with their baby.

I call it Hello Motherhood - and it's now available to any mum or mum-to-be in Australia. 

Let me show you the exact steps to take to become a confident, self-assured new mum...

...And skip the stressful learning curve that so many new mums go through.

This little program is going to take your motherhood experience from nervy and stressful to confident and magic! 

And you can access it anywhere, any time - on any device.
The best start for you and baby
Hello Motherhood (aka The Fourth Trimester Program) will help you stay sane in early motherhood...

But even better than that...

You'll give your baby the best start to life. 

Mainstream baby advice - or old-school advice - doesn't take into account the emotional needs of your new baby. 

You'll hear all sorts of crazy advice. 

'Leave your baby to cry.' 

'Encourage bub to self-settle.' 

'Get baby into a routine from the start.'

'Never feed your baby to sleep!'

But this flies in the face of what your new baby really needs from you. 

This period is all about helping your new little one adjust to the world...

In Hello Motherhood, I’ll be showing you how to ensure your early motherhood experience is the best one it can possibly be.

So you and your baby both get off to a flying start. 
Motherhood made simple...
From the moment your baby is born, I explain everything that's going on for your baby, so you understand it all. 

I'll also show you the EASIER way to do things. 

No need to tear your hair out trying to sift through all the advice - let me streamline it for you. 

There'll be no need to wonder about what your baby needs from you, and how to respond...

It's right there, laid out for you in crystal clear language...

• Why your baby cries...

• How to soothe your baby...

• How to get your baby to sleep...

• Why your baby refuses to be put down...

• How to avoid mastitis (and recognise if you've got it)...

• How to build up your milk supply...

Everything I cover in my parenting workshops...

Is right there in The Fourth Trimester Program

I want to help you have an AMAZING motherhood experience.

There's simply no need to go in blind - and risk stress and overwhelm. 
"Karina gave me the confidence to try different settling techniques and work out which worked for my bub. The first time I got them to work was fantastic. 
Now I’m more confident, not too hard on myself (mostly) and am enjoying the little things, (like showers, baby smiles, walks in the park with baby and coffee runs). I’ll try things more now and am learning to read my particular baby (who is pretty wonderful by the way). "
Jade, new mum
"Before I found Karina, there was a lot of noise, opinions & as a new mother it's overwhelming to say the least. What I liked about her approach was the emphasis that every baby is different & there is no one right way to parent. It reassured me that I was doing a good job & that I need to look after myself as much as I look after Bub & it's not being selfish. I also enjoyed talking through with Karina what my concerns are. As a new mother it made a world of difference & it helped me get through a hard time especially given I don't have a family support system."
This is different to all the baby books and parenting websites...
Baby books and websites can't give you the personalized support a new mum needs after the birth. 

They don't answer your questions, or take your personal circumstances into account. 

And they DON'T treat your baby as unique - instead, you get textbook, generic advice...

...That doesn't work!

Sure, you could join an online mum's group, but these are often crowded and full of judgements and opinions - they can be noisy places, and not as helpful as you think. 
YOU count in all of this
With Hello Motherhood, I've got your back right from the start.

Because motherhood is such a profound, personal journey...

You'll be going through a LOT.

Baby books and parenting websites don't take your needs into account.

And the health professionals you meet are going to be more interested in how baby is feeding and growing than how you're feeling emotionally.

When you work with me, I'll be focussed on YOU and how YOU'RE coping.

I'll make sure your personal journey is the best it can be - and that your motherhood experience is the one you've always dreamed of. 

I won't bog you down with medical jargon and overload you with information that you don't really need.

Instead, I'll streamline everything you need to know, so you NEVER have to deal with too much advice or conflicting ideas.

As a parenting educator and member of CAPEA (Childbirth And Parenting Educators of Australia), I've heard all the information...

And I KNOW what parents REALLY need to know about...

In order to survive and THRIVE in early parenthood.
Plus...Join The Club
When you join Hello Motherhood, you’ll be invited to access my private, members-only Facebook group, Club Motherhood, where I answer your questions and share weekly live content. 

Connect with other mums (and mums-to-be) who know exactly what you’re going through. Your real life mothers’ group won’t start for 4-6 weeks after the birth – but your virtual support group is ready and waiting – and can’t wait to meet you!
Private 1-1 Magic Mum Coaching
The mums I work with are Magic Mums – embracing a new way of mothering, based on their personal philosophies and gentle parenting principles. 

They aren’t interested in outdated or pushy advice...

And know how to tune out society’s pressure to get their baby to behave a certain way. 

Magic Mums are:
  • confident about their parenting choices
  • self-assured & tuned into their instincts
  • focussed on building a strong, lifelong bond with their babies
  • ​on top of self-care, seeing this as an essential part of life
  • ​okay with imperfect parenting - they know that mistakes help them grow as a mum
Want to be a Magic Mum too?
Tuned into your instincts and closely bonded with your baby…feeling confident and resilient, no matter what motherhood throws at you? 

When you join Hello Motherhood, I’ll be working closely with you to help you become the mum you want to be, whatever that looks like for you.

Each month during the fourth trimester, you’ll be invited to book in a private call with me. 

Mums are rarely asked how they’re feeling or given the chance to express pent up thoughts or feelings. 

My job will be to help you tune into your mothering instincts, give you strategies for making life easier and guiding you to become the confident, reassured mum you want to be.

These calls are your chance to take of YOU. No need to book an appointment or leave the house – just schedule your call and I’ll ring you.
Ask Me Anything...
You also get direct access to my inbox with your membership. 

You’ll find your Q&A form inside the portal with the rest of your goodies. Submit your question within seconds and I'll get back to you right away. 

N.B. you can use your Q&As as soon as your purchase your membership, even if baby hasn’t arrive yet – perfect for asking me those baby-prep questions!
The Hello Motherhood is a new mum's best friend...

It's all laid out in an easy-to-follow road map, so you always know where to access the guidance you need. 

I'm going to walk you through every step of early motherhood so you can skip the overwhelm, sleep stress and cracked nipples :(

And give you a tribe of new mums who want to connect and support you along the way.

And I'll be there for you, right from the start...

As your motherhood mentor, confidant and coach...

So you can have the amazing motherhood experience you dream of - and deserve!
  • You can watch or listen to the videos anywhere, anytime – from any device.
  • Each video is between 5-8 minutes long – the time it takes to drink a cup of tea
  • Every lesson is straight to the point – walk away with a hit of clarity, reassurance or clever tip to make life easier right away
  • ​Prefer to read your content? No problem. Each lesson is available in a PDF for you to download and read at your leisure
As featured on Babyology
This step-by-step program is going to wipe-out new mum stress and streamline your experience so you get maximum joy and magic - and seriously low overwhelm!
So let’s have a closer look now at what you're going to get inside…
Step #1: Welcome To Motherhood
First things first: let's get you home from hospital. In this step, I walk you through how you might be feeling after the birth - both physically and mentally. Then it's time to meet your baby properly and get to know some typical newborn behaviour. 
  • Get the basics right from the start - all the guidance you need to understand what the fourth trimester is all about so you go in with your eyes wide open, no nasty surprises!
  • Recover smoothly from the birth - why it's okay to say how you really feel after the birth - and how to cope if it didn't go as planned. I'll help you work through any leftover negative feelings that can get in the way of bonding with your baby
  • Discover the physical things your body goes through after the birth. Warning: some of them can be less than pleasant! Let me explain what's going on with them and how you can best cope.
  • What your newborn goes through on day two and the best way to get though it. If you're not ready for this this newborn quirk, things can get *pretty intense* on the maternity ward.
  •  Why you might cry more than your baby  - discover more about this very common but sometimes unsettling period after the birth. I'll reveal what you need to know about your emotional health and what's considered 'normal' once you've had your baby.
  • The typical baby behaviour you'll see in the first days and weeks after the birth and how best to respond. These are the behaviours you don't need to waste time worrying about!
  •  Why it's not just people you need to have around you - I reveal how to get more support when you don't have close friends around you.
Step #2: Master Breastfeeding
Now that you're home and settled, it's time to work on feeding your baby. Nearly all women start breastfeeding, but very few continue past three months - because they don't know everything I'm about to reveal to you. I'll help you get started and work towards your breastfeeding goals so you can feed your baby the way YOU really want to. 
  •  The alarming breastfeeding statistic among new mums - and why you don't need to be part of it. I'll show you the best way to move towards the successful breastfeeding story that you're after. 
  •  Develop a breastfeeding mindset that maximises your chances of feeding success. I'll reveal what you need to know about breastfeeding that will mentally prepare you for your feeding journey - and far more likely to overcome any challenges
  •  What no one tells new mums about early breastfeeding and why this might be the very thing that keeps you going in those early, exhausting weeks of feeding your baby. This will change your whole outlook on breastfeeding.
  • Understand the basics of breastfeeding so you get off to the best start possible. Skip breastfeeding confusion and know how it all works from the beginning so you can actually enjoying feed time with your baby.
  • What your milk supply is all about and how to ensure you have an abundant source of food for your baby. Let me show you how you're amazing body provides for your baby-  and why you barely need to lift a finger in the process!
  • How to know for sure if you're making enough milk for your baby. I'll reveal to you the signs of a well-fed baby and what you DON'T need to worry about when it comes to the milk you're producing.
  • Troubleshoot feeding issues like a booby boss. Most breastfeeding issues can be resolved with the right information and support. I'll walk you through some common feeding concerns issues and guide you through the solutions. 
  • Discover the essential breastfeeding resources you need to stay positive and on track, especially from those days where you feel discouraged. These have been tried and tested by me, so I know they're going to help you too. 
Step #3: Become A Settling Sorceress
Step #3 is where we master your soothing techniques! I'll tell you all about your newborn's world and give you a toolkit full of magic settling strategies that will work every time! No need to stress about pacing the floor with an inconsolable baby - I'll show you what really works for crying babies. 
  • The truth about newborns - the little known fact about your newborn and why it explains everything about the way they behave. 
  • How to know exactly what your newborn needs, every time. Watch your new mama confidence skyrocket at your ability to read your baby's cues intimately
  • Master the settling tricks for calming your baby. I'll give you a toolkit of settling techniques that will help you respond easily to your newborn's noisy protests EVERY TIME.
  • The baby item must-have that's worth every penny. If you don't have this, you're missing out on one of the easiest ways to keep your bub happy and settled
  • The underestimated yet proven technique for keeping your baby chilled and happy - once you've got this down pat you're sorted for years to come.
  • How to stay cool as a cucumber while your baby cries - even when you're feeling anything but! I'll show you some clever tricks that can soothe your baby and calm you down too. 
  •  The normal newborn phase that all babies go through and why you don't need to worry about it. Instead, I'll explain some nifty strategies for keeping life ticking along (and maintaining your sanity levels!)
Step #4: Get A Handle On Newborn Sleep
In Step #4 I tell you all about newborn sleep realities and the super gentle ways you can encourage the best possible sleep habits in your baby. Avoid the sleep deprivation rut and completely bypass the need for sleep training your newborn - I'm going to give you peace of mind about what newborn sleep is really all about (and why yours is sleeping perfectly!)
  •  Discover what newborn sleep is all about so you can hit the ground running and know what to expect from your new baby's sleep. 
  •  Understand the biology behind newborn night-waking. Once you learn this about your baby you'll instantly feel more at ease with those night-time habits - and more confident in dealing with them!
  • Implement healthy sleep habits from the start - I'll show you the gentle approach to better newborn sleep - no crying or sleep training necessary!
  • Develop the confidence to trust your instincts when it comes to your baby's sleep so you can resist the pressure to get your baby sleeping a certain way. 
  •   Avoid the sleep mistakes that most new parents make, so you don't end up   with more sleep deprivation than absolutely necessary. 
  •   Design a dreamy bedtime ritual that will make your baby love sleep. Miss this   out on this details and your baby will struggle to transition to bedtime.
  •   Discover the sleep aids you can use to help your newborn sleep that won't   cause bad habits, a rod for your back or a bedtime monster that never adjusts to   their own sleep space
  • Cope with sleep deprivation like a machine - I'll share all my tricks for surviving on broken sleep, including some cheeky ways to catch up on rest
  • Identify the best resources for more support if you and your baby need it. I'll show you where to get the best help and fast, so you don't waste time working through options that aren't right for you.
Step #5: Be A Wellbeing Warrior
Let's not forget about your needs in all of this. Step #5 is all about staying on top of your wellbeing game - because you can't look after anyone if you're not okay! Let me show you some realistic and easy ways you can make yourself a priority and still take care of your needs, even though you're exhausted. 
  • Why your needs are number one and what can happen if you get this bit wrong. I'll show you how to stay on top of your wellbeing right from the start so you don't need to struggle like so many new mums. 
  • How to factor in easy self-care techniques that won't cost you any extra time and energy. Believe me, you and your baby will reap the benefits 
  • Why so many mums get self-care all wrong - once you grasp this you'll discover the clever way to ensure you have more more inner calm, clarity and enhanced wellbeing on a day-to-day basis. 
  •  How to turn a bad day into a good one. Tough days are par for the course but they can be hard to take, especially when you've got a baby to take care of. I'll show you how to turn things around and plan for more magic with your little one.
  • The staggering numbers of new parents (women AND men) affected by postnatal depression and anxiety and why it's still a condition shrouded in mystery. 
  • How to know if you're at risk of developing PNDA and the signs and symptoms you must be on top of - in both you and your partner
  • What help is out there if you're struggling and where to get it without feeling judged. You'd be amazed at the resources available (once you know where to find them).
Step #6: Conquer New Mum Challenges
Now that you've got the basics sorted, it's time to look at the other challenges that come up for a new mum. Who needs the drama? You've got a baby to take care of. I'll show you how to deal with too much advice, a confusing baby book and an overbearing relative. Plus, how to help your partner be an amazing, involved parent, even without breastfeeding. 
  • Revealed: the most common motherhood challenges experienced by new mums and how to crush every one of them. Trust me, you're bound to  come up against every one of these!
  • The truth about all those baby books and why they might not work for you. Once you understand this core concept, your new mum stress will melt away, guaranteed.
  •  Become a Baby Advice Sleuth and know exactly how to interpret information and apply it to your unique circumstances. I'll reveal two easy ways to stay sane when you're wading through all the advice.  
  • Keep on top of your relationship and stay close and united, even when you're both exhausted and stressed out. Babies have ways of exposing all sorts of cracks in the healthiest of relationships!
  • Why your partner's role is super important when your baby comes home (and not just for making you tea!). I'll explain how your partner can get involved with baby from the beginning in ways that REALLY COUNT.
  •  Your first solo trip out with baby - how to beat the anxiety and enjoy your first outing together, including how to survive that first breastfeed in public (not always easy, unfortunately)
  •  Dealing with your Early Childhood/Maternal Health Centre - what to expect from community support and how to access the help you really need
  • Got an overbearing relative? Most of us do! I'll show you how to deal with the those in your life that are hard to take, without stepping on anyone's toes. There's tricks for dealing with these people!
Check out my interview on Kinderling, where I discuss the needs of dads and how your relationship will change after having a baby: 
Sound good so far?
Here's what you need to do next...
I know this is a time when every cent counts. You're about to drop down to one income and you want to extend your time with bub for as long as possible.

I totally get it. 

The good news is that your investment for an amazing start to motherhood is only $147.

Yep, for a STRICTLY LIMITED time, I'm offering this save-your-sanity, enhance-your-motherhood-experience, skip-all-the-stress program for the low price of $147.

My way of thanking you for joining my community and checking out Hello Motherhood.

If you'd like to start motherhood on the best possible note...

Go in feeling equipped and ready for what your newborn needs from you...

Then hitting the button below could be your savviest decision this year. 

Too many mums struggle in the first three months of motherhood. 

But that doesn't have to be your story.  

How great would it be to start the greatest adventure of your life knowing you had expert support at your fingertips?

So you could just dive right in and enjoy all that newborn magic, totally confident that you're giving your baby the very best of you?

Pretty darn great, right??

Click below to access this super generous invitation and I'll see you in the members' area: 
Here's what you'll get:
  • Immediate, full Access to Hello Motherhood: Your six-step road-map for an amazing start to motherhood. Everything you need to know for living your best life with your new baby – and giving your little the one the best possible start. Access anywhere, anytime - each video lasts between 5 and 8 minutes (the time it takes to drink a cup of tea!)
  • An invitation to join Club Motherhood – your virtual mother’s group, full of ladies just like you, who can’t wait to support you and your baby
  • Private 1-1 guidance- you get me as your coach, mentor and confidante, holding your hand (virtually!) every step of the way
  • ​ My Magic Guarantee – if you don’t find motherhood more relaxing, fulfilling and magic with my help, I’ll give you your money back 
I had a lot of curiosity around how to make the newborn mothering experience as smooth as possible. I often wondered if I was doing the right thing and giving my son the best possible start to life. I also felt quite isolated and wanting to find a community of like minded mums.
Most of my frustration was around not knowing the best ways to settle him and also how to conserve my energy. I often felt exhausted and at a loss.
I liked Karina's warm and gentle energy. I also felt the advice and information she provided aligned with my parenting style which is more nurturing.
I felt I had a friend who was providing me with much needed guidance at a time when I really needed it. I would listen to Karina's audio with my partner and we felt her messages resonated with us. It was comforting especially when we had been receiving so many different opinions and criticism for our parenting approach e.g. holding our son too much, not letting him sleep in his own cot, not letting him cry it out etc.
Karina gave me confidence that my parenting approach so far is giving my son the best start in life. I also felt like I had a like-minded friend who was supporting me through the challenging first few weeks of mothering a newborn. "
Oanh, new mum.
Mum Friday's 4th Trimester program is chock full of helpful info that every new mum needs. Karina's warm, non-judgmental style makes it feel like she's actually in the room with you, supporting and guiding you through one of the toughest times you'll ever experience. And being able to watch the videos at 3am when you're covered in breastmilk and haven't showered (or slept!) in three days is priceless! I'd recommend this program to any new mum (it would also make a great baby shower gift!).
Rachel, mum of two
My 30-Day Magic Guarantee
I’m super confident that Hello Motherhood is going to help you overcome new mum stress and enjoy plenty of newborn magic...

And I want you to feel super confident in your decision...  

So I’m offering you 100% security and protection.... in knowing your investment is going to help you enjoy motherhood with less stress...

I call it the 30-Day Magic Guarantee 

And you should know that this applies until 30 days AFTER your baby is born...

Giving you plenty of time to test out and enjoy the program material...

And try the techniques out on your baby.

And if you follow my guidance and don't feel more relaxed, happy and confident in early motherhood?

Well, I’ll happily refund you in full.

Yep...I’ll give you your money back…

Giving you peace of mind that this is both a safe and smart decision. 

I’m THAT convinced that I can help you have an amazing motherhood experience. 

Sound fair?
I want to make this offer a complete no-brainer for you, so...
You're Also Getting These Bonuses...Free
I know that you'll have loads more questions and concerns when bub arrives, so I'm throwing in these extra goodies to help you even more...
BONUS #1: The Countdown To Baby Kit 
Pregnancy can be a case of to-do list overwhelm!

But you've got enough going on just dealing with pregnancy aches and pains and carting yourself around to all those appointments.  

Let me help you with the rest.

The Countdown To Baby Kit has got you covered for everything baby-prep...and is ready to help you get from bump to baby intact... 

No sweat required.

This digital toolkit for preparing your home, relationship, body and life for a new baby comes with five modules of content with cheat sheets and templates to print out and keep. Share with your partner and make sure you're both on the same page, right from the start.

Here's what's inside: 
  • Prepare For The Birth. Not sure where to begin when it comes to writing your birth plan? Let me show you how to put together a realistic birth plan that keeps you and your partner focussed on what you both want from the experience. 
  • Plan Your Breastfeeding Game. Just as you need a birth plan to help you cope with labour and the whole birthing process, a breastfeeding plan can see you through early feeding challenges and get you closer to your breastfeeding goals. 
  • Get Your Home Ready. It's more than a nursery you need to be thinking of. I walk you through a step-by step guide for setting up your home for nappy changing, bath, feeding and sleep, including a detailed guide on safe sleep for your baby. 
  • Babyproof Your Relationship. You're both excited about meeting your baby and becoming parents, but is your relationship rock-solid-ready for the changes a baby can bring? Check out the conversations that the two of you MUST have before the due date.
  • ​Prep Your Head Space. Let's not forget about you in all of this. Discover how your life will change when you have a newborn and how to stay connected to who you are along the way. 
BONUS #2: Baby Health & Happiness Guide 
Freaking out a little about keeping your baby happy and well? 

Wondering how to deal with baby's first cold and spot the signs of serious illness

This bonus guide will walk you through baby's first sneezes, help you both survive vaccination day, and prep you on the signs of a sick baby. 

You'll also be guided through the easiest ways to manage baby's bath-time, no sweat.  

I know how daunting it can be to bring your baby home and feel bowled over by the responsibility you suddenly have for a little person's wellbeing.

That can be so intense! 

This guide will equip you with what you need to know and a fab list of resources in case you need more information. 
Bonus #3: Magic Every Day Email Program
Having a baby sends you into a bit of a cocoon...

This is nice for getting to know your baby and shutting the outside world out.

But it can also leave you feeling disconnected and lonely.

Which is made harder on those days when you've had no sleep and the baby refuses to be put down.

The Magic Every Day email program will deliver you a useful tip or easy way to stay sane when you really need it. 

Delivered to your inbox for a whole 30 days, these hacks will help you enjoy life with your new baby...

And ensure every day contains magic (even when you're dog-tired). 

This program is triggered by your baby's due date so you can enjoy magic support when you really need it! 
Bonus #4: The Ultimate New Mum Resource Guide 
One of the number one complaints I get from new mums is that there is too much information out there. This can be overwhelming, confusing and downright crazy-making.

The worst thing about information overload though, is when it causes a mama to start second-guessing herself, leading to low confidence and more angst about the whole thing.

I've come up with the solution.

I've gathered together my favourite resources, that I KNOW are reputable and trustworthy...

And I've put them all in the one spot - one very special place in your membership portal, where you can find them with ease

And know that I've personally vetted every single one and know them to be the real deal.
  • Lactation Consultants
  • Online Support Groups  
  •  Facebook Communities  
  •  Sleep Solutions 
  •  Gentle Parenting 
  •  Mental Health & Wellbeing 
  •  Baby Health & Medical
  •  Recommended Baby Products
  •  Childcare
No more trawling through the internet, looking for specific information and giving yourself a headache...

Although The Fourth Trimester Program will provide a wealth of baby information and motherhood guidance...

I'll list the live links of my very best sources for you so you can equip yourself with all the extra information you need...

And access it from right there in your membership portal.

Knowing you're well and truly on the right track and not being confused with conflicting advice

Oh, and you can bet that everything I refer you to is based on research and considered reliable...

I would never waste your time with anything else.

You and your baby are too important for that. 
I'm a member of:
    Information you can rely on...
    I am all about giving new mums sound, evidenced-based advice. 

    It's my job to help you sift through all the information out there to find out what will work for you best...

    And to help you REALLY make sense of it.

    As an early parenting educator at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney...

    I work alongside a team of midwives, child and family health nurses and other health professionals to ensure we provide the very latest information to expecting couples...

    This isn't about dishing out stories from my own motherhood experience and telling you to do the same...
    Everything I share with you is backed up by research and based on the principles of gentle parenting.

    So you can truly enjoy your experience...

    Knowing that Hello Motherhood has your newborn's best interests at heart.

    I can't wait to welcome you inside!
    Got A Question?
    No problem! 

    I want you to feel assured and safe when it comes to investing in your motherhood experience with me...

    So I've taken the top questions I've been asked about Hello Motherhood and popped them in below with the answers... 

    Just in case you're wondering the same thing!

    QUESTION #1: "Who is Hello Motherhood for?" 

    This program is for any mum-to-be who wants an amazing motherhood experience and doesn't have time to attend a parenting class before the birth.  

    It will get you started with all the guidance you need so you can really enjoy your new baby...

    Instead of feeling stressed out and confused about what advice you should be using to solve all the usual newborn challenges.

    It’s also for brand new mums who are struggling with an unsettled baby, overwhelmed by conflicting information and who need some extra support to get through the fourth trimester.

    QUESTION #2: "But isn’t there community support for new mums?"

    Yes, in most parts of Australia, there is community support in the form of visiting midwives (in the first week) and drop-in clinics at your local early childhood centre. 

    However these services don't offer 24/7 support in the way that Hello Motherhood can. 

    If you're up at night feeding your baby, you can access the program and go through the newborn sleep module, and feel reassured that you and your baby are doing a great job.

    If your baby refuses to be put to bed, you can watch the videos on unsettled babies and learn what might be behind their behaviour.  

    No need to leave the house or make an appointment. The Fourth Trimester Program is right there for you, anytime. 

    QUESTION #3: "How do I know what my motherhood experience will be like? I might not need Hello Motherhood."

    Hello Motherhood does more than solve motherhood challenges. 

    It guides you on your baby's world so you understand their behaviour and needs better.

    This helps you build a beautiful, lifelong bond that will benefit your baby throughout his life. 

    Hello Motherhood will dramatically increase your chances of having a relaxed, happy start to motherhood...

    So you don’t need to take any chances.  

    QUESTION #4: "Are you a midwife? "

    I’m not a midwife, but a postnatal and early parenting coach. 

    Your wonderful midwife's role is to monitor your baby's growth and bring your little one into the world. 

    It's my job to help you settle in once your baby arrives, and see you through the first few months. 

    Through my role as an educator at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, I work closely with midwives and child and family health nurses to make sure new parents get all the guidance they need when baby arrives.

    This collaborative effect means mums-to-be like you are in the best possible hands.

    QUESTION #5: "My baby isn’t due for a while yet. Do I need this program now? "

    You get lifetime access to Hello Motherhood.

    So even if your baby isn’t due for months, you can access the program right away to familiarise yourself with the content...

    Knowing it will be there for you whenever you need it once bub arrives.


    QUESTION #6: "Do you offer home visits? "

    I offer limited in-home support packages for those in the Sydney Metro region. 

    Please get in direct contact for more information.

    QUESTION #7: "Does this program replace my baby manual? "

    There are lots of wonderful baby books on the market...but there are also books that offer generic baby advice...

    That does more harm than good. 

    Hello Motherhood will help you make sense of any conflicting or confusing information you're getting... 

    Plus it comes with live support and active links to other resources, so offers a much broader experience.

    QUESTION #8: "Will I be expected to comment in the Facebook group?"

    Great question! Lots of new mums love Club Motherhood, because it's like a virtual mothers' group and full of supportive ladies. 

    But I get that not everyone is into Facebook groups, and many like to hover on the outskirts without ever jumping in.

    That's totally okay.

    You'll still be able to read the daily posts and comments, and access the weekly Facebook lives with me.

    While you'll always be invited to jump in and participate...

    There is no pressure on you to do this at any time.

    You'll definitely benefit from watching on and not participating, if that's more your cup of tea :)

    Question #9:  "How much time will this program take?"

    Believe me, I KNOW how busy you'll be as a new mum. So this program isn't going to make you spend hours viewing  unnecessarily long videos. I cut right to the chase in all my lessons, so you'll walk away with a new awareness and knowledge  after every 4-8 minute video. 

    Plus, you can access them right there from your phone - no need to head to the office of view them from a laptop. Just sit back and relax with your bub during a breastfeed or cuddle session and access the modules anytime you like xx.
    Ready to jump in?

    If you're nervy about bringing home your baby...

    Not sure how much support you have...

    Want an amazing motherhood experience...

    With less stress and more magic...

    Then click below and let's get started!
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